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I've been described as a guardian whitespace. I simply describe myself as a loveble, all-around artsy person, with a strong work ethic. l love design and I enjoy being crafty. Highly self-motivated and eager to learn, but also passionate about helping and inspiring others.

I have a Bechlor's of Science degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I majored in Multimedia and Web Design but I've been tinkering around on the web, learning now websites work since I was 13. I have 10+ years of real-world experience working for companies in everything from wholesale e-commerces, to email marketing, direct marketing and more.

I consider myself a nerd and love most things geeky. I CrossFit, enjoy going to concerts and scrapbooking/crafting. I am married and I have two dogs, Jax & Zoey.

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If you are intersted in hiring me for full-time or freelance work, please get in contact with me. And if you just want to send me a message about how awesome I am or that you enjoy my work, that's appreciated too. Seriously.

Oh here is my resume if you'd like to review that: Download

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